Sea House Warming Hut: Overwrought Iron

I decided to use the remaining section of the JMG Miniatures laser-cut panel to make the ruined remnants of a wrought iron railing, as a part of the original brick foundation. I wanted it to be twisted wreckage with a story to tell, but not faux-Gothic macabre.

Several coats of flat black spray paint, glue globbing, lamp black acrylic, “rust + dust” shaved pastels and tiny dots of opportunistic sage lichens. It’s really fun to crap paint intentionally, for once :)

After smooshing them around in a few places, I opted for the back, with the view into the open hut above. I set them in far enough to be visible, but not a statement beyond “What was deluxe becomes debris.”*

And with that, I think I’ll turn my attention to the interior of the hut for a while (except for the ongoing living roof planting and interminable foundation gravel gluing). I’ve been considering the chairs for ‘round the fireplace, as well as other seating and maps and books and beverages.

*A special prize! for all who *know* the provenance of that… lyric. And care to share it. Googling is informative, but totally cheating in this case. Unless it’s to marvel at the poignant brilliance of this perfect song :)

7 thoughts on “Sea House Warming Hut: Overwrought Iron

  1. Barbara W. says:

    “Dig Me” by Adrian Belew of King Crimson.
    The eldest brother in our family is a massive fan. :)

    Love the twisty railings – it looks as though there may be buried treasure near them.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Buried treasure! What a lovely thought.
      And yay! You (or Eldest Brother) win for obscure reference. Send me your mailing address and your special prize will be on its way to you. I hope Eldest Brother appreciates beach gravel :)

      • Barbara W. says:

        Too funny!
        I’m not sure I deserve a prize as it was probably lyrics by osmosis or something as a child. We were packed off to school in the UK in the seventies, so it was endless Genesis, Jethro Tull and King Crimson.emanating from the boys’ room. Being younger I grew up wanting to play guitar (and dance!) like Elvis Costello. Still do.

  2. Pepper says:

    Inspired idea putting the remnants of an old building beneath the warming hut. Not many people would think to weave a history for the main buidling they are working on. Love the damaged railings =0)

  3. Mad for Mod says:

    Brilliant! I love the history; it reminds me of some old “ruins” of a building in the UP in Michigan. I think someone may need a tetanus shot it they’re not careful!

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Many thanks, Cyd. I’m glad it evokes memories. Magical realism is the touchstone of miniature building for me. As for tetanus, there is (will be) a scrubby little plant growing nearby, whose leaves, rubbed on a scratch, prevent infection :D

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