Sea House Warming Hut: Interior

It’s getting towards end of day here, and sunlight is straying through the fog clouds for the first time today. Join us for a sunset drink at the new bar? The ocean is very sparkly.

I built a cabinet to serve as base and storage for the “zinc”-topped bar that will easily accommodate six. The bar legs are more salvaged pleasure pier wood, stained the same color as the hut siding and bolted together.

The bar stools, borrowed from the Sea House Pavilion, were made from this fabulous Kris Compas tutorial. I will make six new chairs, with a lower profile back. No idea yet what the color will be yet.

One of the things the Warming Hut will have available is local honey, made by happy cliffside coastal bees. I got some of those tiny fingernail jewel jars from the freaky, sad dollar store; they scale to 1:12 quarts nicely. Last night I fooled around making a honey jar label:

but after several iterations it still doesn’t scale well to the wee jar size, and I can’t decide if Sea House can brand retro vintage, or if I should stick to my preferred minimalist modern style (+ quirk).

I’ve filled a couple more notebook pages with sketches and ideas for the hut interior design and contents. I’m anticipating drawing some maps and charts. In Map Art Lab by Jill K. Berry and Linden McNeilly, there are some swell folding and pop-up diagrams I am eager to try. I’m also considering native plant seeds and starts, in little flat crates.

The biggest unknown is what the small armchairs around the wood stove will be.

I am very drawn to this chair from called “Design Chair”:


Also considering Jane Harrop’s “Utility Fireside Chair” from her book Thirties & Forties. Its very Danish Modern, and the peacock blue linen I’d like to upholster with will work well. She sells the chair as a 1:12 kit from her website, but I’ve made a few from the instructions in her book.


That sunset drink is calling. Coming by?

6 thoughts on “Sea House Warming Hut: Interior

  1. Keli says:

    Yes, coming! Be there in….well, it’s a long drive,

    LOVE the shape/color/texture of the bar. Fantastic.

    The design chair is sexy. I may have to try my hand at that somewhere down the road.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      I like to think that it’s always sunset somewhere, sometime. SO GLAD you like the bar! I really wanted to keep the space open, with good flow to the various areas of interest… you know how it goes.
      Wilminidesign’s Design Chair is so appealing! Still haven’t decided. I’m going to make the bar stools first, and see if that somehow helps determine a choice.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Barbara, many thanks. I’m still formulating the interior design plan, or what passes for my version of “plan”. Which is to say, make it up as it goes along :)

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