the great green room: a little toyhouse

little toyhouse mockup

The little toyhouse mockup

After working out the basic size of the little toyhouse, I started drawing construction plans in Illustrator. I decided to use cardstock because I think I can cut the tiny windows more square and more easily than I can in wood. After spray mounting a print out to the card, I scored and then cut out the pattern.

Mr. Hurd drew the little toyhouse in the great green room like this:

Clement Hurd’s illustration of the little toyhouse

Clement Hurd’s illustration of the little toyhouse

Next step was to mess about with the window treatments.

Curtain decisions

Curtain decisions

I considered yellow acetate with Sharpie line drawings (most accurate), but since the little toyhouse will be illuminated, I decided that the yellow = light, and moved on to contemplate the mullions, transoms and curtains as literal things. I tried cut yellow cardstock for the woodwork, but to achieve the proper scale was stupid hard. Such a difference between 2 and 3 dimensions. I then moved into the interpretive realm, and worked with a beautiful length of lace to suggest both.

Interpreted curtains

Interpreted curtains

I am happy with my eventual solution, even though I cut away most of the “beauty” of the lace. It suggests mullions and transoms, and light lacy curtains, in an uncomplicated way that works with Mr. Hurd’s style.

Little toyhouse problem solving

Little toyhouse problem solving

I was hoping my first real model would work, but there were a number of structural errors and builder flubs that eventually disavowed me of that notion. I made notes and revised my drawing, then poured a glass of wine :)

I’ll begin again fresh in the morning.

One thought on “the great green room: a little toyhouse

  1. Joan says:

    I really like yor ideas and your completed pieces. The little toyhouse looks exactly like the one from the book. By lighting it, you increased the appearance 100%! The needlepoint rug is beautiful. I’ve begun making a few, but only took one to total completion. Good work!

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