5 thoughts on “tiny Baluchi Prayer Rug

  1. Patrecia Cook says:

    This is awesome! Where did u find the pattern to make this rug. I might like to try it. I build doll houses and do needlepoint too(regular size ). Right now I’m making a 5ft.x8ft. rug on 100 stitch per 1sq. inch canvas. Almost half way–in four months! I’d send u a pix but I don’t know how to do it on this iPhone.

    • nancyenge says:

      Thank you, Patrecia. The original pattern comes from Making Miniature Oriental Rugs & Carpets by Meik and Ian McNaughton. You have patience and ambition to needlepoint a 5 x 8 foot rug!

      • Patrecia Cook says:

        Yes, a 5ftx8ft rug is a real challenge , however not really as difficult as your tiny dollhouse rug.

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