the great green room: a little toyhouse

v2, next morning

v2, next morning

I scored and cut out the revised pattern, reversed this time so the joining seam would be on the far side. Later I realized I could have reconfigured it slightly more so that the joining seam would be on the back of the far side, and not visible at all. Dammit and oh well.

Handheld dry fit

Handheld dry fit

I ran a red marker on the cut edges to cover the white paper, from the white side so that if my hand slipped, I wouldn’t scribble on the red cardstock. (Lesson learned from v1.) The addition of roof flaps made it far more stable. I had exactly enough lace left to make the new curtains. The interior is left white to reduce contrast with the curtains, because after all, it is unfurnished :)

A little toy house

A little toyhouse in the great green room

For the door, I duplexed black and red cardstock so that the black made an outline. The porch is 1/16-inch basswood covered in yellow cardstock and edged with green Sharpie marker. On the back wall of the house, I punched three holes for the lights. The roof is still unglued to allow access; I’ll attach the chimney after that’s done. I’ll drill a hole in the foamcore wall for the wiring, but for now I want to keep the walls movable.


Lights on!

And here it is illuminated. I like the shadows cast by the net curtains. Very cheerful, yes?

2 thoughts on “the great green room: a little toyhouse

    • nancyenge says:

      Thanks, Aaron! I’ve been using a fast-grab tacky glue (Aleene’s) on both wood and paper, and sometimes an extra-strength glue stick and a spray adhesive (paper to paper). When I get to the fabric parts I will use (unsurprisingly) a fabric glue (Aleene’s Fabric Fusion) and thermal bonding tape (Stitch Witchery).

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