my new best friend

this threader saves minutes of aggravation

this threader saves minutes of aggravation

So, I’ve begun stitching what now seems like a gigantic rug. The stitches are even tinier than I imagined, nearly impossible. Six rows cover .125 inch (3mm). Mistakes have been made, and quite a few of them picked out and re-stitched, though not all. The difference between a correct diagonal stitch and an incorrect horizontal one are barely discernible. (Invoking two of the Four Ps: Perfectionism and Patience.) I have learned silk thread is far more forgiving than cotton. I have taught my non-dominant, under-hoop hand to stab the needle fairly accurately up through the mesh, which seems to speed up the rate of progress. I have stitched, and then removed, an entire corner motif outline because I counted incorrectly and was two rows off. Beginning to get the feel of needle placement in the mesh. Suspecting I may have, um, over-estimated my abilities with this as a first project. Doing it anyway.

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