15 minutes into it


large chart for a tiny rug

The “Animals” rug kit I got from Natalia Frank has been breached. It is intimidating. This is the chart, the map from which I will stitch. It is 20 pages. O_O The chart alone is a thing of beauty.


palette of silk and cotton thread, and silk gauze

The colors are gorgeous, subtle and rich. The silk gauze, sturdier than I expected, feels like it will hold up to the thousands of stitches it will eventually carry.

The first step (apparently) is to frame the edges of the gauze with a sturdier fabric, to both stabilize and extend its size to fit the 12-inch hoop I’ll be using (probably until the end of time).

One thought on “15 minutes into it

  1. Joyce Merten says:

    A tiny rug but a humongous undertaking….it seems you’ll enjoy this undertaking (most of the time) .

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