where warp and weft intersect

a corner outer border

a corner outer border. I decided not to keep track of the time spent, for obvious reasons.

Working on this tiny rug is like entering another dimension (not that scary Twilight Zone episode one.) It is interesting training my eyes to see not only the tiny holes of the silk mesh, but where warp and weft intersect. Threaded needle goes through the openings, but the actual stitch is made diagonally. It’s a different set of pattern recognitions depending on the direction in which I am stitching, both vertically and horizontally and right to left or left to right. Seriously, where to stab the needle and where to lay the stitch looks different each way. Thread makes a difference, too. Silk fits the holes perfectly and slides through easily; cotton is fatter, fuzzier and tends to untwine itself more.

Progress: I’m making it.

an outer corner border in relation to all the rest of the rug

the outer corner border in relation to all the rest of the unstitched rug. I know.

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