This, That and Another

HBS 2020 contest base kit dry fit

Late one night I decided to dry fit the HBS contest base because I needed to look at something new. I like the kit, but am undecided if I can responsibly build it. Ideas abound, and it’s currently on a turntable next to the studio thinking couch. It also makes a grand morning coffee cup platform.

UPDATE: Next morning. See?
Sea House Conservatory under-pier detail

Here’s a glimpse of the under-pier, under-stair Sea House Conservatory setting. Barnacles by Keli, air-dry clay boulders, and flotsam from the natural and manufactured worlds.

Sea House Conservatory bioluminescence

When I saw just how much of the low tide water is in the shadow of the Conservatory structure, I thought some bioluminescence might add charm. This is four flickering LEDs set in the back corner, under the pier.

More Sea House Conservatory bioluminescence

The effect is subtle, but smile-worthy, especially in the dark.

Sea House Conservatory light trickery

Here’s a shot of preliminary bulb placement. You can see some of just how much is unseen.

Thar be monsters

A night view of the mystery.

I indulged the rare decorative impulse to design pier piling hardware that echoes the Conservatory finials.

Oh wait, another what-lies-beneath shot.

Looking west from Point Montara Lighthouse, 07 March 2020

This was one of my birthday views, taken from Point Montara Lighthouse in early March, on a day-long field trip with my Greater Farallones Naturalist class. There was a large pod of dolphins cavorting not far offshore, visible through the very many pairs of binoculars and spotting scopes.

The pandemic was already getting real, but that was the last time I sat by the ocean, side by side with my classmates, eating our bag lunches together in the intermittent sun and light rain.

Here’s an image from a series Keli and I have been punting about. It started when Keli found a scale model canoe builder in Maine who makes these beautiful 1:8 paddles. We each bought one and the challenge is on Instagram #littlepaddletales and #paddlehomage. It’s been fun.

8 thoughts on “This, That and Another

    • Nancy Enge says:

      For now, the new kit is a coffee cup shrine, one I can stare at from the thinking couch. And that’s certainly part of my ideation process. But I’m still in thrall to the Conservatory. It sort of feels like other parts of my (our) hijacked lives, and I’m honor-bound to see it through. Thank you for the encouragement.
      I’ve tried to comment numerous times on Shenandoah and Stuff, but your platform doesn’t seen to like the ‘name and URL’ entries. I prefer not to use my Google ID. Any insight or guidance?

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thank you, Toos! It’s fun to fiddle around with — I’ve still not settled on final bulb placement — and it’s also a bit like a secret drawer or door. I’m pretty new to lighting effects, but have settled on LEDs and batteries as opposed to 12 volt systems, not least because one does not have to plan for them from the start :)

  1. Bennie says:

    I love the lights underneath the pilings. It really adds a little extra oomph and mystery of the underneath there. I’ll be curious to see what you do with the basement kit. If I had any actual follow through I would do a version of Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood from Saturday night live. That was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the kit. It could be a loft apartmeant too. I’ll just have to wait and see what you do with the kit throughout the year. How fun.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Hi Bennie! I’m glad you appreciate the *mystery* of bioluminescence.
      Hah! Mr Robinson’s neighborhood is perfect for the HBS contest kit. When I first saw it I thought “pool” but then was devastated when they came out with the official description and pool was listed as one of the might be suggestions :(
      As mentioned, I have already maxed-out space in which to house my builds, so until I can see a way to combine this kit with an existing one…
      I rarely say never.

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