Wheelie on Fire, Storm, Sea House Conservatory

I can’t compete with polar vortexes or 37 feet of snow — nor do I wish to — but it’s a bit chilly, so I made a fire. Wheelie came out to approve the primal nature of warmth and goodness, and flex her wings in the glow.

These are my <3 colors

There’s a storm blowing in.

Yes, the ocean loves me

Bolstered by a double cappuccino, I chanced a walk on the beach. Observe my chilly, stubborn fingers.

Of course I got rained on and walked super briskly back to my car. Driving home, I blasted the heater and the seat warmer.

Work on the Sea House Conservatory continues also briskly, yet slowly, thoughtfully. That’s a thing, right? This photo was mid-January, when I had just completed Kris Compas’s chaise lounge kit, in a fine cotton canvas trimmed in black and cream cording. And yes, that’s the Cynthia Howe Victorian birdcage and table, finished in multitudinous coats of flat black spray paint to round out the brusque laser cut edges. Almost everything has changed since then, and I could not be happier.

18 thoughts on “Wheelie on Fire, Storm, Sea House Conservatory

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks, K. It’s the remains of an old storm drain usually buried in sand, exposed in a storm a few winters ago. They’re like 12 feet tall, and it felt a little like walking in ancient city ruins. I had a 24×36 print made to use as a backdrop. I think I’ve posted the whole pic before; I’ll have a look.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks, Sheila! Your comment is prescient; ‘contrast’ is the working motif of the Conservatory. Wait and see!
      I’m no fan of Victorian anything, but I’ve inexplicably loved that birdcage and table for a long time, and was gifted it at Crimbo. Plan is to plant a nasturtium in it and trail some of the vines around and through… someday :)

  1. Bennie says:

    It’s been a total polar vortex by me in single digits a few mornings. Today we are at a high of 33 degrees which feels pretty good. That last photo looks like something out of a magazine. The tiles look perfect, everything looks so real, great job! Stay warm.

  2. Nancy Enge says:

    Thanks, Bennie, and sorry about your extreme weather. I was going to say ridiculous, but don’t want to appear judgmental :)
    The floor tiles really came together and mellowed considerably with grouting and several coats of matte sealer.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Oh poor honey! Fevers are a miserable substitute for wood stove fires :{
      Hope you’re feeling better. And yes, this kit is a class act. I want to make a round pillow or two, or a bolster — with tassels! — so it’s a proper fainting couch.

  3. Shelleybweb says:

    I enjoy your beautifully curated posts. The conservatory is elegant and interesting with the chaise lounge and birdcage. Fantastic background photo and wonderful floor. Glad you had a firm grip on Wheelie, I expect she can get a bit over enthusiastic some times.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks and hi!, ShelleyB! I hope I don’t disappoint with some of my subsequent Conservatory decisions. I am shifting from ‘dollhouse’ builds to modular sets meant to be backdrops for photography, and as such, the cohesive assumptions of ‘this is a a room’ are somewhat fragmented. As is this description.
      You’ve totally got Wheelie’s number, vis a vis enthusiasm, especially for one who largely resides inside my handbag or EDC. Regardless, when she emerges, I sometimes enjoy happy new insights or correlations. Simple pleasures, yes?

  4. elizabeth s says:

    Your conservatory has certainly evolved from what it began as into what it is now. Much like human beings; the same yet not.
    Holding a heart in your hands on a cold and blustery day was worth the chill.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      That’s exactly it, Elizabeth, listening to an evolution of an idea. I so rarely have a fixed sense of what a build should be.
      The heart-shaped rock was a surprise. This particular beach routinely delivers beach glass, plastic trash, beautiful dark moraine-like stones and pebbles, driftwood and flotsam… but heart stones are a gift.

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