P: Procrastination + Progress


P is for Procrastination. Of course it is. I *am* making small, steady progress on the studio re-org, and/but my delightful husband brought this home for me, a new Bandai K-2SO kit.


It’s one of the more soulful characters I find very appealing, and the level of detail in this kit surpasses previous high standards. There are many tiny pieces.


The articulation in the feet and knees is so lifelike and satisfying. Once completed, I feel certain it will be very at home in the nancyland pantheon ;)

14 thoughts on “P: Procrastination + Progress

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Yes! The head tilt makes him look a bit dejected, and arouses one’s sympathies. And I think he’ll go by one of his stage names, “Kay”. Won’t know until he’s finished :)

  1. Jodi Hippler says:

    What a perfect activity to immerse yourself in while your brain works out the organizational quandaries in the background. Your hubs continues to demonstrate his love for you in his support of your creative needs, and that in itself is a gift! Have a wonderful time!

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