L: Left Behind


L is for left behind.
I felt a brief, but distinct, sensation of being left behind, as my newly-mobile seven-month-old granddaughter paused to look back at me as she crawled off into another room.

10 thoughts on “L: Left Behind

    • Nancy Enge says:

      I was going to save this for “S” — or go out of alphabetical order — when I remembered that flash of feeling, and that’s more what this photo is about :)
      And yeah. This one mastered crawling, and was immediately on to pulling herself up to standing and practicing balance. Besides eating, it’s her main thing right now.

  1. Shelleybweb says:

    She is beautiful. She looks like she is asking you to come with her. I bet you were right behind her in a flash, taking up her sweet offer to follow.

  2. Marilyn Ormson says:

    Even so small you can read so much of their character. She will have her own ideas of what she wants for sure. Lovely promises of an entertaining time to come. Better practice your running. Marilyn

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