I wasn’t going to lead with this picture, but it’s affecting everything I’m trying to do, as is the way with a large jagged wound on a primary finger. I was playing Prey Under The Covers with my usually gentle cat and one of us miscalculated… It’s a 3-bandaid kluge :(


And now, presented without justification or explanation is my beginning foray into the HBS 2016 contest base kit. I almost always order a second kit for parts, but somehow didn’t this time. As you can see, I’m mid-trial, but I can’t really go much further, or even see if it will work at all, until additional parts arrive. It keeps collapsing.

My consumptive work deadlines are over — met, even! — and the startup company I’m working with has officially launched, so I can share a peek of what I’ve been doing (logo, packaging, manual, web imagery, panel design) for the past few months.


This is from their website. Watch the video! Very cool stuff.

6 thoughts on “Considering

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks, Cyd. It’s remarkable playing with the actual kit parts determining the line (or spectrum) between what’s possible, what’s doable and what’s nah, that’s too much work. My personal goal for this build is to overcome my fear of learning how to do lighting! Any suggestions?
      I really like the video, too. That tune snippet is great thinking music :)

    • Nancy Enge says:

      It wasn’t intentional, more a reminder of “You play games with a predator for amusement, you might get caught.” or “A comforter is not as thick as you think.” Silly humans. As of this morning, it’s stopped throbbing :)

  1. Barbara W. says:

    Ouch! I have a similar war wound from an altercation yesterday with a particularly vicious file folder. I imagine the left side of your build as filled with plants and flowers, bringing the outside in. Your work for Rossum is really lovely – wouldn’t that make an amazing painting? One of my co-workers asked what electro-music is – she claims attending a rave is on her bucket list (she’s 77).

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Gah! Paper cuts are evil; file folders inflict the nastiest. Sympathies.
      Glad you like my designs. It *would* be fun to actually paint one, without compass or straight edge (well maybe to start with). I’d love to see the pattern woven into a big woolen carpet.
      The whole company rollout is getting good reviews, primarily because of the founders and the great product lineup. As for your co-worker, tell her to read up on modular synthesis, or better yet, listen up :) And one can rave anywhere, even home alone in one’s living room, with the twinkly lights on and the music at a volume one prefers. Everything else is optional :D

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