Sea House Warming Hut: Argo Wool Works

This morning, nearby farm Argo Wool Works started delivering their line of pillows, blankets, felted toys, roving and yarn for the winter fair. This season they’re featuring woolens from both their Gotland sheep and Angora goats. Both flocks pasture on the headlands south of the Sea House Warming Hut, and lambs and kids are frequent springtime visitors. Stop by to see — and feel — their incredibly soft-and-sturdy offerings!

14 thoughts on “Sea House Warming Hut: Argo Wool Works

  1. Barbara W. says:

    How lovely! Do you have a tiny loom or was it the elves? The blues and purples remind me of wild heather.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      ’Twas the elves’ gift of some years ago, and me experimenting with wool-on-hand. I wish I had enough to make a coat or suit, but no. Just miniature upholstery and accessories :)

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks, Marion! They’re all my favorite colors, too :) Squishing the wool through hot soapy water and rinsing really brings the fibers back to life.

  2. christina says:

    On a busy day like today, I like to escape for a little while to one of those chairs in the sunbeam and peruse the offerings.

  3. Pepper says:

    Think looks?? I’ve had too much sugar at lunch. I meant this…THIS looks like a lovely place to relax *note to self – re-read comment before posting* durrr

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