Poppies for the Warming Hut Roof

1:12 California poppies kit from The Miniature Garden Center

Contents of a 1:12 scale California poppies kit

I went micro today, and made up one of the flower kits from The Miniature Garden Center. Those dots you see are 3/16-inch (4.7 mm) in diameter.

volunteer poppies near the herb garden

Inspiration: volunteer poppies near the herb garden

California poppies might be my favorite flowering plant. If it wasn’t for freesias. Or peonies. Or coneflowers.

miniature California poppies

The kit assembled, with some variations.

Because these will be growing on a windswept roof, I cut the two-inch long stem wires in half. California poppies are rarely leggy.

miniature California poppies

Waiting to be planted on the living roof

Even though California poppies are too delicate and wild to be a good cut flower, they’ll be a nice spot of color in building tableaux. I made more eucalyptus branches, too. Come sit and have a glass of orange juice, and enjoy the morning light.

Oh also, this is the whole of the background picture I used in the deck extension shot. It was taken at sundown on the aforementioned cliffs at Mussel Rock. There was a brisk wind that lifted Lula’s ears as she leaned into it.

Lula reading the smell stories on the wind, December 2014

Lula reading the smell stories on the wind, December 2014

Your scale reference here is that she was a 130-pound (59 kilo) Mastiff mix (Dogue de Bordeaux and Bullmastiff), and she died two weeks after this walk. We miss her.

6 thoughts on “Poppies for the Warming Hut Roof

  1. Barbara W. says:

    My favourite flower!
    I am a relatively new reader of your blog and I have to say I find it quite beguiling.
    Best of luck with your contest build – I know it will be lovely!

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