Sea House Warming Hut

Sea House has a new logo

The venerable and imaginary Sea House organization has a new logo!

Filled a couple of notebook pages with ideas, sketches, color studies and measurements for the new build for the HBS/ 2015 Creatin’ Contest, then went back in time and crafted a new logo for the Sea House Pleasure Pier empire.

Sea House Warming Hut

It can get nipply on the North Coast, and a thoughtfully-provisioned warming hut is a welcome respite after a beach meander or cliff walk. Maybe even a destination?

3 thoughts on “Sea House Warming Hut

  1. Nancy Enge says:

    Carpe diem. And all the other phrases and proverbs for labors of love and making hay while the sun shines. Glad you like the logo. Since this place exists outside of time (or generally accepted reality) I was going for something timeless, yet evocative of all our seaside memories. Or something like that.

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