sea house pavilion: fire place moss trough

hmmm… the moss seems to have grown unruly since I first transplanted it

hmmm… the moss seems to have grown unruly since I first transplanted it

One of the things I like about outdoor rooms is how luxurious commonplace interior items, like a fireplace, look and feel. The granite blocks are cut from textured cover stock, glazed with matte acrylic washes of warm grays and taupe, and very lightly spattered while still wet with Payne’s gray on a fine brush. They are glued onto a foamcore structure (which also conceals batteries) that extends up into the rafters. I painted the firebox black and drybrushed on some char and ash. Brian split all the logs and made the grate by soldering bits of metal fencing together :) There is a shelf/bench of salvaged planking from the Sea House Pleasure Pier on one side and part of the front, made from basswood stained with Classic Gray Minwax, weathered with a fine-toothed razor saw blade and mechanical pencil, then sanded smooth.

The final addition was a low trough of the same wood planted with moss, which thrives in the cool marine climate. I like how it adds softness to the linear structure, and a bit of life and color. It also conceals a devilish leveling problem with the old wood decking and the quarried granite.

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