new build: first looks

Pretty sure Buckminster Fuller used egg cartons in the Usonian House

Pretty sure Frank Lloyd Wright used egg cartons in Usonian Houses

Also it kind of looks like the Death Star, but of course it’s really just a floor, and will mostly be covered up. I love egg cartons. They are one of the most versatile, suggestive and satisfying materials I’ve worked with. Although they dull X-Acto blades surprisingly fast, still totally worth the effort of begging cartons.

experimenting with palm leaf shapes cut from fabric flower foliage

experimenting with palm leaf shapes cut from fabric flower foliage

Exploratory phase, hand cut, with an eye toward being able to make lots of plausible landscaping without letting the plants tyrannize and crush me. Next photo I’ll leave the hundreds millions of tiny snippets cut from the shapes. Possibly the worst part is having to go into the kind of stores that sell fabric flowers.

the roof interior and color scheme inspiration

the roof interior and color scheme and location inspiration

The roof, which is pretty much the only — and the most distinctive — part of the kit I’m using (other than the floor and rafters), will be clad in corrugated steel. Actually it’s plastic but it will be painted to look like metal and suitably aged and weathered. You will want to believe it’s perfect tiny corrugated steel, and the obvious choice for an outdoor room in a North Coast city lot.

7 thoughts on “new build: first looks

    • nancyenge says:

      Thank you, Natalia. Study the roof, and I think you’ll know what project this is. As it happens, I finished the first proof-of-concept build today and… there will be changes. Many changes. First of which is the floor — dammit! It appears there are many more egg cartons in my future, on a new substrate. Might be able to sneak in what’s already been done in another place, but… we shall see.

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