vampirelike, assuming a life of its own

pewter ex-voto, made in Germany, purchased in San Francisco, where I left my heart

Regarding the color gray, as I am for February, let’s consult the master, Johannes Itten:

Neutral gray is a characterless, indifferent, achromatic color, very readily influenced by contrasting shade and hue.

cast aluminum lowercase n and b, latex paint

It is mute, but easily excited to thrilling resonances.

New England summer storm clouds

Any color will instantly transform gray from its neutral, achromatic state to a complementary color effect corresponding mathematically to the activating color.

.25 inch (6mm) vitreous glass tile, from Italy, in quartz, smoke, mushroom and coal

This transformation occurs subjectively, in the eye, not objectively in the colors themselves.

cement, containing crushed quartz and a drop of green stain

Gray is a sterile neuter, dependent on its neighboring colors for life and character.


It attenuates their force and mellows them.

merino wool sweater

It will reconcile violent oppositions by absorbing their strength and thereby, vampirelike, assuming a life of its own.

fleece sheep, de-squeakered

2 thoughts on “vampirelike, assuming a life of its own

    • nancyenge says:

      oh, good call. I must have 500 or so photos laying about… but I’ve sort of been priding myself in having a pictures-of-my-cats-free site. Not sure why. Maybe because your cats are far, far cuter.

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