I wasn’t going to lead with this picture, but it’s affecting everything I’m trying to do, as is the way with a large jagged wound on a primary finger. I was playing Prey Under The Covers with my usually gentle cat and one of us miscalculated… It’s a 3-bandaid kluge :(


And now, presented without justification or explanation is my beginning foray into the HBS 2016 contest base kit. I almost always order a second kit for parts, but somehow didn’t this time. As you can see, I’m mid-trial, but I can’t really go much further, or even see if it will work at all, until additional parts arrive. It keeps collapsing.

My consumptive work deadlines are over — met, even! — and the startup company I’m working with has officially launched, so I can share a peek of what I’ve been doing (logo, packaging, manual, web imagery, panel design) for the past few months.


This is from their website. Watch the video! Very cool stuff.

in no particular order

peacocks_120214Peacock rug getting there! Just the remaining green background left to stitch. Then blocking and binding.

(Finished size will be 4.625 x 3.125 inches (11.75 x 7.9 cm), 227 x 153 stitches, Gütermann silk on 49-count silk gauze, from a design by Roger Fry, as charted by Melinda Coss in Bloomsbury Needlepoint From the Tapestries at Charleston Farmhouse.)

Then I’ve been playing around with Kris Compas’s current tutorial for an upholstered parsons chair, using this great cotton stripe from a thrift store shirt. Other than (endless) work on the Peacock rug, I think this is the first miniature building I’ve done since I packed everything up to move in the summer. (The cording is made from three strands of DMC floss, and is more true to scale than using all six strands. In case you noticed.)


Penultimately, here is my first repeating pattern!


The color palette is a combination of hues drawn from photos of the ocean and from the persimmon tree in Soquel. The simplicity is perhaps underwhelming, but this represents hours and hours of work. Onward!

And finally, I did go back to the indie dollar store and buy up all the boxes of Prang KantRolls.


Mostly because this:


Show your work

I am learning a new thing: surface pattern design. Been taking classes, collecting reference, using my photography for color palettes, and most importantly, drawing. Trying to discover my signature style.



I am using the ocean as the theme for my first attempts because, of course I am.

Having fun with fishes:

One fish, two fish, star fish, wheel of fortune

One fish, two fish, star fish, flower, wheel of fortune, kiss kiss kiss

and obsessing over color. Feels good to have a direction after floundering around for what feels like far too long.