Gnelf? Elfome?

Finished Other003 between work tasks. And by “finished” I mean “This is what Done1.0 looks like. I don’t want to be the crazy gnome/gnoelf/gnelf/elfome lady.” Lessons continue to be learned.

Of course, there will be others. I want some of that curly wool for beards :)

4 thoughts on “Gnelf? Elfome?

  1. Barbara W. says:

    I think Other003’s friend is gazing with envy through the sliding doors at those rockin’ boots.
    I would like to see you try a Henry Moore type sheep one day. Think of the lovely wool!

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Oh wow, Henry Moore. But Victor Dubrovsky has already nailed it in wool as far as I can see. And I am thinking of the lovely wool. The lovely, tactile, flocculent wool :)

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