Sea House Warming Hut Secure

Something was bothering me.

Backstory: The Sea House Warming Hut is situated on a rocky coastal bluff, in seismically active Northern California. Although it has a new post-and-pier base (built over the evocative remains of an unreinforced brick masonry foundation), I doubted that the wood glue used (miniature code for imaginary construction screws and nails) would keep it from sliding over the cliff in the event of a temblor.

So I set about making brackets and bolts.

From cover weight solid-core black paper (think: powder-coated steel), I cut  5/16-inch (10 mm) wide strips, which were scored and trimmed to form the various styles of structure-saving brackets. And from a doubled thickness of the black paper I punched 1/16-inch (2 mm) circles to serve as bolts. These were glued in place with tiny dots of tacky glue.

The bracket assemblies are secured to the structure in all the proper places. I am not even going to count how many more I need to make. Because now our little hut is secure on its cliffside, and we can all breathe deep sighs of relief and well-being. Please, enjoy your day. Maybe stop by for an iced tea or Pimm’s Cup?

Argh! I just realized I’m going to have to retrofit the Sea House Pavilion and Loft 1961 too. Gah.

12 thoughts on “Sea House Warming Hut Secure

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thank you, Barbara. You know? I can never *really* tell what might be “great”… it’s more about trying things out and fumbling around, in search of the vision. And in the spirit of “the freedom of the press belongs to those who own one” I mostly only post about what works out well :)

  1. Bennie says:

    Wow! That looks soooo authentic – great job! Great imagination too coming up with this and executing it perfectly.

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks, Bennie! I of course stand on the shoulders of giants, most noticeably in this case, Noel and Pat Thomas in their brilliant Greene and Greene house details, and Kris Compas‘s upholstery buttons. And living in Northern California :)

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