a wealth of opportunity

modern miniatures

The limited edition 2015 HBS/miniatures.com Creatin’ Contest starting kit

Like some of the other miniaturists who were enticed to participate in HBS/miniatures.com build blog-along, I had already purchased and begun to build this year’s starting kit. And I’ll enter the Sea House Warming Hut in the contest come December 16, even though I have no aspiration of winning, having been honored with the Grand Prize in 2013 for my Sea House Pavilion. (Note to all those who don’t enter their projects because you think you have no chance: no one was more astonished to win than I was. Truly. So show your work and enter! It’s way fun.)

So what to do with this second kit provided by HBS?

Much as I’d like to, I haven’t the time (or space) to do another project. I’d like to offer the kit as encouragement to anyone who might be hesitant to enter the contest, or undertake miniature world building. Leave a comment, and I’ll randomly draw a name on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 from those who respond. I ask only that you consider using the kit to enter the contest, and that you pay shipping costs (I’m in Northern California, and the kit weighs about 11 pounds). What say you?

modern miniatures

Perfect furniture by Bruce Dawson, who has shuttered his studio and is closing out inventory :(

Not a lot of progress on the Warming Hut, what with all the March birthday celebrations.

I did see that one of my favorite miniature furniture builders, Bruce Dawson, is retiring (again) and closing out all his inventory through his Etsy shop bedMiniatures. Shown above are the unpainted 1:12 basswood items I picked up. (He has some half-inch scale pieces as well.) Do check out his shop. His prices are more than reasonable. There are still a few cherry Mission style tables and bookcases that are especially wonderful. Don’t miss this opportunity! You’ll be very, very glad.

9 thoughts on “a wealth of opportunity

  1. Marco Alpert says:

    I missed the premise here. They sent you a copy of the kit after you’d already bought one?

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Sorry to confuse. In early March, HBS/miniatures.com reached out to a number of bloggers and offered a free kit in exchange for our writing about it, as well as mentions in their email and social media promotions. Fun! I had already purchased the kit and started building (and posting) in January, but they asked us to make it clear that the gift kit is not being used as the Creatin’ Contest entry. Hopefully I have? Made it clear?
      http://www.otterine.com and http://minimodpod.blogspot.com are two of the others participating.

      • papoon says:

        Very clear. Thanks. (And thanks for the link to otterine. Nice stuff.) Do consider me in the running for the drawing.

  2. christina says:

    Ooo, oo! I’ll take it! I’ve been eyeing that kit but haven’t been able to push the button — “I don’t have time, I’m not very experienced in building, What if it looks awful and I ruin it” — you know, those thoughts :)

  3. anni says:

    Hey, i am very interested in this kit. It would be my first 1/12 scale. I had only worked on 1/24 scale until now…do you still give it away? I live in germany… i don’t know how much shipping would be… may i use it to enter the contest or is that not possible?
    I am thinking about it…would be my first contest and i think it would be fun!
    Greetings from germany, anni

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Looks like shipping to Germany is around US$80.00. You might want to order the kit directly from miniatures.com. They might be able to ship it for less. Good luck!

  4. ebmagpie says:

    I don’t think I should enter into your drawing for the kit (since I’m still working on a contest house from like two years ago), but it is very nice of you to give it to another to help them along! I read your post then had fun brainstorming, and came up with using it as a walk-in museum exhibit for an ancient Egyptian dig. The outside would have been rather generic (bench, water fountain, museum posters, etc.) and the inside would have had lots of golden artifacts. Best wishes to you, and to whoever gets the kit! It has also been wonderful to see your warming hut project take shape!

    • Nancy Enge says:

      Thanks, EB. Your walk-in museum idea is a natural, and so evocative! You could excavate an entirely unheard-of before pharaoh, and make tiny feline mummies and lapis-encrusted golden idols. Do it!

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