the great green room: bed

Beginning Bunny’s bed

Beginning Bunny’s bed

I love the simplicity of the bed in the great green room. I used 1/4 x 1/16-inch basswood for the sides, and 1/8-inch for the legs and headboard. I cut the base and the mattress of 3/16-inch foam core.

Once again, there are many options translating an illustration into a 3-D object, and my first instincts are not necessarily the best solutions. The mattress has a layer of Thermolam for loft, cut just to the size of top + sides and glued. This is covered by a layer of old fine cotton sheeting that I must have folded and mitered the corners of a dozen times each, trying to reduce bulk but still suggest comfy bed.

First coat of vermillion

First coat of vermillion

Sand, paint, wait to dry, sand; paint, wait. Sand. Fix broken glue joint. Wait. Paint. Learn that the tiny blotch of stain from the Sea House Pavilion that you thought was just a smudge or something will show through paint no matter what and of course it’s on the side facing out. Decide that you can live with that. Mostly.

The “dressed” bed and tiny placeholder Bunny frame

The “dressed” bed and tiny placeholder Bunny frame

I used green felt for the coverlet, again cutting and gluing to just cover the sides and barely wrap to the bottom of the mattress. The pink blanket looks deceptively simple, but I went through several iterations before arriving at a passable solution. The mattress assembly is still loose for now. It and the pillow will be mashed and glued into place once Bunny is complete.

Current thinking is to needlefelt Bunny’s head and paws. I got my new order of fabric for the curtains and jammies printed on cotton.

Next up is the dresser and table. Then curtains. Then… the one million other details.

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