back to the animals rug

Tiny stitching has resumed

Tiny stitching has resumed

Spending quality time with the Animals rug again. It had been supplanted by work on the Sea House Pavilion, then (and now) by the Great Green Room and the Baluchi prayer rug.

The center design is absurdly complex. Whereas the borders have independent motifs, the interior is all tangled up together, and I have a dozen threads going at once, which of course jumble themselves every other stitch no matter how cleverly I try to keep them out of the way. Part of the challenge, I guess.

Still. I love working on this rug and seeing it come to life. I may have coined a new term to describe those who do miniature needlework: needlepointilist :)

The reality check: 49-count silk gauze, 281 x 398 stitches (5.75 x 8.125 inches, 14.57 x 20.63 cm); single strand of DMC cotton and Gütermann silk. Design by the fabulous Natalia Frank.

2 thoughts on “back to the animals rug

    • nancyenge says:

      I purposely have not kept track of the time spent on this or any other miniatures project. I do these things for the delight of doing them, and for me, keeping track of time is a buzzkill :)
      It is a refreshing antidote to what I do to earn a living (independent graphic designer) and somehow allows me to refill my creative well.
      If pressed to estimate, I’d say about a million, or a mile :) but then again, I’m new at this.
      Hope this answers your question, and thanks for asking!

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