a basket of logs

great green room logholder

I have “interpreted” the log basket

How to make a three-dimensional object from a painting and remain true to its 2D styling? For the basket of logs, I decided to go woven paper and real logs. After painting cardstock with the match yellow acrylic, I wove half-pica wide strips, then cut out the basket shape on the diagonal. (Yes, I switch measurement systems willy-nilly. Wood is almost always in inches, but my long years of graphic designery allows me to think and see in picas. It’s basically base 12, and very handy in 1:12 scale noodling.)

great green roon Goodnight Moon logholder

I wasn’t going to tell you these are half-pica (6 points) wide strips of painted cardstock

There are two other divergences from Mr. Hurd’s illustration: I stabilized the basket with an edging, and currently there are five logs in it.


I just liked the way it looked better. I toyed with the idea that five logs in the basket makes sense as the prequel to the great green room as famously pictured… I will probably go back to three logs.

Goodnight Moon log holder

Before the fire has been lit, so *of course* there are five logs in the basket

We’ll slide more down the slippery slope of logic and time as the build progresses.

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