hey look, I inadvertently made abstract expressionist art

This was my palette after I scraped off the colors for making these:

painted pages from an old 1957 science book that I bought for $1 at the library

These are the basis for the vines I’m cutting out now:

The Lovers, entwined. Envined? I’ve been playing too much Words With Friends

Last night, I started adding a slightly metallic copper midtone:

adding a middle

and then put the first figure stencil down:

The Lovers, 21 January 2012

This is what I see trying to edit this post:

Albie loves, in this order: me, the heat from the monitor, the cursor.

How meta is that?

Working on this piece triggered haunting, epic dreams last night, completely fitting the subject matter. I’ve been feeling it, with all the exultation, longing and remorse of a lifetime of recognition and choice.

Oh, and my Words With Friends user name is NancyEnge.

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