In which we walk an outdoor 3D course

Our archery club’s mascot

The photos seem to tell one story, but my experience of walking the mile-long 3D shoot with Freddy and a small group of alpha archers was really quite pleasant.

The targets are mildly less surreal set out in the woods than they seem indoors, more like bad lawn ornaments. That you get to shoot arrows at.

Each archer shoots one arrow, with the scoring as follows: Kill (very small) Circle, 12 points; Kill (small) Circle, 10 points; Vital Lung Area, 8 points; Body Hit, 5 points. Shots in the leg below the body line, or in the antlers or ears do not score.

Shooting at anything other than a course 3D target is one of the five ways you can get disqualified.

This black panther was menacing a duck decoy some wag had set out. (From the predator series of Rinehart targets, which includes a baboon.)

The whole course was well marked with informational signage. I even sort of known what this means now.

A melancholy bison

An elk

A discarded deer

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