the great green room: fabric fail

In which I learn the hard way that polyester is not well suited for miniature draperies.

In which I learn the irksome ways my fabric is not well suited for miniature draperies.

I had been quite pleased with the “silky faile” fabric choice I made from Spoonflower for the draperies in the Great Green Room. Turns out the “faile” part is prophetic. For although the weight and feel is just right, polyester is not at all suitable for crafting miniature drapes. I should have known, having read numerous curtain tutorials, but somehow I was only thinking the “silky” part. Polyester resists both glue and bonding strenuously. So after sighing a lot, I’ve re-ordered it to be printed on basic 100% combed cotton. It’s what Mr. Hurd would have done. *sigh*

And while I was at it, I re-ordered the blue-and-white striped pajama fabric as well, because “performance knit” is also 100% polyester. At least I tweaked the width and color of the stripe on that one, so it’s not a total do-over.

My new tiny Clover iron works really well, though.